Parallel Visions/ Visionarios En Paralelo Jaén University 22 March - 24 April 2018

We proudly opened the exhibiton we had been working so hard on for over a year with the University of Jaén. Not only is it an extremely important exhibiton, as it places Guirado alongside

Simply Miro!

Spanish master artists such as Picasso, Miro, Tapies (to name but a few), but it also included a guest lecture by editor in chief ABC Culture, curator and art historian, Laura Revuelta who has written an essay on Guirado’s academic importance in Spanish art history.

It’s a pivotal jump for the estate to receive such validation from the revered art establishment and what makes it even more of an honor is that we returned to Guirado’s birthplace of Jaén, giving us the feeling of returning him and his art home.

"Guernica II" by Guirado next to a Tapies

I was extremely proud and emotional to present a work of my Fathers to the University collection which is home to part of the Cesario Rodriguez-Aguilera Foundation with rare works by Spanish masters. I was honored to return to the Guirado family hometown, surrounded by my Spanish family, husband, guests and the Guirado and University team. I even tried to give a thank you speach in Spanish which was more an aural reading Spanish test as I had quickly penned it 2 minutes before!!!!

Catalina Guirado and the Mayor of Jaén

The Mayor of Jaén honored us by popping in for a private view and gave an interview to Canal Sur TV news thanking myself and the Estate for the hard work in promoting an artist from the region and continuing his Legacy - which was incredibly touching to myself and Wanda Von Briesky (the curator and exhibition manager). This exhibition was a labor of love and there were moments when it was touch and go! To finally see the result of incredibly hard work and long hours materialize gives one such a feeling of achievement, especially when the art has been curated alongside the most important Spanish artists names in history!

We also premiered the Guirado virtual reality piece “Guirado - Re Birth” produced by the Los Angeles Virtual reality studio FLOAT. It was the first time many of the students and lecturers had experienced VR and they were blown away by the intensity of the art VR instalation.

Hanging the work

THANK YOU!!!! Wanda Von Breisky and Laura Revuelta for your amazing curation and lecture and also for being part of this journey. Thank you Lee Sharrock for doing an outstanding job at PR, Matt Cheadle for his beautiful art soundscape for the Virtual reality and FLOAT virtual reality studio for their beautiful VR installation. I also want to thank the University of Jaén for everything they have done to help make this exhibition Possible. Muchisimo Gracias

We made some amazing new friends on this trip and I for one have fallen back in love with my homeland of Andalucia, reconnected with my family and roots, returned my Father‘s art to his birth place, and am now counting the days until I can jump on the next plane back to Spain. Viva España!

The Guirado Estate and University of Jaén art team!
Curator and exhibition manager Wanda Von Breisky being interviewed for television.
The Guirado donated the the University art foundation collection
Placing the art for the curation

TEAM Guirado Estate!

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