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Mis à jour : 2 mars 2018

Sadly, last Sunday February 19th, the doors closed on the "Guirado - Beyond the Landscape" exhibition at the Coral Gables Museum, FL after a two and a half month run.

My co curator Wanda Von Breisky and I loved working with the team at the museum, and had an amazing ten days in Miami and beautiful Coral Gables for the opening of the show as well as Art Basel.

Here are some flashbacks to the opening VIP reception on the 29th November 2017, when we also previewed the Virtual Reality work "Guirado - Re Birth" created by Los Angeles based VR design team FLOAT. https://float.cargocollective.com/Guirado

You can see more about the exhibition and the virtual reality art work on the 'Cats and VR' blog ( quite an appropriately named blog ) http://www.catsandvr.com/blog/guirado


Marking 85 years since the birth date of Juan Antonio Guirado, and 61 years since the artist last exhibited in Miami, the Guirado Estate will feature a specially curated series of his stunning visual works to celebrate the legacy of this Andalusian Intrarealist master. Within the Spanish visual arts tradition of the 20th century, Guirado stands out as one of the few artists whose characteristic work stems from the concepts of Intrarealism. Intrarealism, a term that was coined by the ambassador, writer and Spanish pacifist, Salvador de Madariaga, denotes an artistic practice that stems from a profound sense of social consciousness. It was in Intrarealism as well as in Oriental philosophy (Vedānta-Sūtra), which Guirado discovered in Australia, that he found the precepts with which he explored relevant themes that are fundamental in this exhibition.

'Beyond the Landscape’, conveys Guirado’s alternate realities of quotidian Spanish landscapes and showcases how these take on a

different meaning through the painter’s visions of his motherland; painting with his 3rd eye, this master of intrarealism, depicted Spain's past, present and potential future in all its splendour and demise. Juan Antonio Guirado’s landscapes capture beyond what the eye sees; his paint strokes are a direct blow to the retina, as is represented by the intense selection of works chosen for this exhibition. These range from classically impressionist mountains of Andalusia, conveying historical events and touching upon political references (La Toma de Granada/ The Taking of Granada, circa. 1970- 1980), to surrealist & above all intrarealist landscapes charged with spiritual re ections & environmental concerns (El ojo de la tormenta/ The Eye of the Storm, circa. 1995- 2000).

Juan Antonio Guirado’s sensibility is shown in full bloom through his works depicting the daily degradation of the natural environments of land, sea and air thereby denouncing man’s not always praiseworthy actions (Ojo universal/ Universal Eye, circa 1995- 2000). The selection of paintings included in this exhibition reflect alluring yet desolate scenes as well. The contamination of our oceans (Mares de hielo/ Seas of Ice, circa. 2000- 2010); scenes of turbid and turbulent waters reveal dark waves in the act of consuming both heaven and earth; calcified trees and dying nature reflect the epidemic of contamination that devours forests and drowned cities (Andalucía en llamas / Andalusia on Fire, 2009). Today much is spoken of ecological sustainability and climate change but Juan Antonio Guirado felt this preoccupation much earlier than most and that nature was su ering due to the lack of sensitivity of the contemporary man, more concerned instead with wealth and technology (Regido por el $/ Ruled by the $, 1990’s).

Through Guirado’s portrayal of dark & light subject matters, he shows both sides to human nature, the potential destruction of the planet by man’s greed and disconcern for his natural environment; but in counterpoise, evoked by his strong sense of spiritualism, the artist also painted his hopeful aspirations for his beloved Andalucian homeland and the world in general.

Curated by Catalina Guirado-Cheadle & Wanda von Breisky

Thank you Coral Gables for a wonderful reception!

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